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Ninth Report on Relocation and Resettlement: Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the European Council and the Council


About this resource

Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Countries:Greece, Syria, Turkey
Agency:European Commission
Date published:8 February 2017

The Ninth Report on Relocation and Resettlement provides an updated state of play since the last report of 8 December and assesses the actions undertaken by all relevant stakeholders from 8 December 2016 until 7 February 2017 (the reporting period) to deliver on the commitments under the relocation and resettlement schemes.

Since 5 December 2016, 3,873 people have arrived in Greece. The total number of migrants present in Greece remained stable compared to the previous reporting period and as of 7 February there are around 62,600 migrants, with around 15,000 on the islands and around 47,600 persons on mainland Greece. In Italy, 15,614 people have arrived since 5 December 2016. Eritreans, the main nationality eligible for relocation in Italy, represented 3.6% of arrivals.

In the 8th Report, the Commission set specific monthly targets of at least 1,000 people relocated from Italy and at least 2,000 from Greece as of December 2016. The European Council, at its last meeting on 15 December, endorsed the Joint Action Plan on the implementation of the EU-Turkey statement, which included the relocation targets for Greece, and reiterated its call to further intensify efforts to accelerate relocation, in particular for unaccompanied minors, and existing resettlement schemes. Despite these calls, the results are mixed.


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