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Refugee, Asylum-seeker and Migrant Perceptions in Izmir, Turkey

Summary of Focus Group Discussions


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Resource type:Research, reports and studies
Keywords:Conflict, violence & peace, Host Communities, Refugees/IDPs
Date published:August 2017
Publisher:Ground Truth Solutions & Mixed Migration Platform (MMP)

This report summarises the findings of four focus group discussions conducted with a total of 36 refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants in Izmir, from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. All focus group discussions took place on 26 July 2017. Two discussions were held with male participants, one with female participants, and one with a mixed group. The ages ranged from 20 to 43. The discussion topics were developed by Ground Truth Solutions to delve deeper into the issues that surfaced in surveys conducted in Istanbul, Kilis, and Gaziantep in April and May 2017 and in Izmir in July 2017. The discussions allow for the identification of the following recommendations for aid agencies and authorities working with refugees, ayslum-seekers, and migrants in Turkey: - Ensure better access to information, particularly regarding education, employment, and healthcare; - Strengthen communication on the eligibility criteria for different types of aid, including cash-based support; - Improve access to healthcare facilities, ideally with translators present; - Provide access to legal counsel to improve understanding of legal status and options for staying in Turkey or applying for resettlement; - Aid in the search for and obtainment of adequate housing that meets proper living standards; - Offer affordable and accessible opportunities for refugees to learn Turkish; - Try to address the real or perceived discrepancy in aid distribution between Syrians and other nationalities; - Encourage dialogue and interaction between refugees and locals to promote harmony between communities.

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