The aim of the Portal is to optimise collective learning around the Syria crisis in order to improve international emergency response. The Portal will provide a single platform that brings together a broad range of relevant information, data, discussion and analysis of interest to different stakeholders - including those involved in operations, learning and evaluation and humanitarian policy. The Portal content will be categorised according to specific needs and topics. 

The Portal will be of special interest to those involved in evaluation and learning and will provide up-to-date information about on-going and planned evaluations as well as other kinds of learning activities. The aim is to promote and share learning in order to enhance a common understanding of the evolving situation across different agencies and sectors. Sharing key information will also enhance the harmonisation of evaluative activities and, over time, will provide a repository of data that can be used for reflection and lesson learning.

The Portal is maintained by the ALNAP Secretariat in cooperation with the Coordinated Accountability and Lessons Learning (CALL) Initiative. CALL is an initiative developed by the Inter-Agency Steering Committee for Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHE). Its members include: FAO, ICVA, IFRC, Oxfam, UNHCR, UNICEF, OCHA, WFP, WHO and World Vision. The Management Group of the CALL is composed of UNICEF, OCHA, UNHCR and WFP.

Members of the Syria CALL