10 Years of War in Syria: The Lasting Impact of a Childhood Without Peace

International Rescue Committee
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15 Mar 2021
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Children & youth, Forced displacement and migration, humanitarian action, Protection, human rights & security, Syria crisis

March 15 marks a grim anniversary in the ongoing war in Syria— it has now been a full decade of conflict. Ten years into the war, the country remains without a plan for peace, continuing the devastation for Syrians. At least 12.3 million people have been displaced by crisis either within Syria or as refugees in neighboring countries, 5 million of whom are children. These children have spent their critical development years knowing nothing but war.

Ten years of prolonged trauma, displacement and fear present especially severe challenges for children. The Syrian crisis, for both children still in-country and those displaced to places such as Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, has spawned an entire generation whose childhood is defined by adversity. The challenges they face at such a young age include loss of their home, family and friends, and opportunities to play and learn. A survey of caregivers in northwest Syria who had fled their homes during the escalation of violence between December 2019 and March 2020 suggest a deeply troubling situation

International Rescue Committee