Al-Bab Assessment Findings Report

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24 Apr 2018
Al Ameen
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Conflict, violence & peace, Food security, Livelihoods

he number of people from war-weary Syria to have recently sought shelter in Syria’s northern city of Al Bab has reached 75.000 IDPs, while the total population of the city is 165.000 people. During the last year Al Bab District and its surrounding witnessed heavy clashes between the Turkey – backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL), which resulted in huge Internally Displaced People towards safer areas to the nearby governorates. Now, Al Bab has become a safe haven for IDPs fleeing other locations from Syria, it’s estimated that 150.000 people returned to their houses in Al Bab Ever since IS were purged from it last year within the context of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield Operation, the city has become a destination for IDPs from elsewhere in Syria. As of 2017 the districts host Thousands of IDPs. Those people came to these safer areas without belongings, savings, and their children, women and youth are in need of several basic needs services, including Food, Education, WASH, and Health, which is overstretching and exhausting the already existing poor services available in the host communities.

During Feb 2018 Al Ameen conducted rapid need assessment for 3.762 families in Al Bab District, the assessment included questions under the sectors of:

  • Food Security
  • Non-Food Items
  • Livelihoods
  • Shelter

In spite of the needs across all sectors, instability of the political situation is governing the situation in Al-Bab and overshadowing the ability for a full-scale humanitarian response. In addition, the waves of recently displaced people arriving to the are from dierent locations in Syria, this added to the scale of need across the area.

The assessment main purpose is capture the change in norms, provide better understanding for the humanitarian situation and the needs in the area.