Evaluation of UNICEF’s Humanitarian Response to the Syria Crisis (Arabic)

Publication language
Date published
01 Dec 2015
Policy evaluation
Children & youth, Conflict, violence & peace, Working in conflict setting, Forced displacement and migration, Gender, humanitarian action, Syria crisis, Water, sanitation and hygiene

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a comprehensive assessment of UNICEF’s overall response to the Syria crisis against its own mandate and standards, its stated objectives, and standard evaluation criteria. The evaluation, based on collation and analysis of relevant data and information, generates evidence, conclusions and key lessons and recommendations concerning UNICEF’s future humanitarian responses both in the sub-region and elsewhere.

The main objective is to provide an independent and robust evaluation of UNICEF’s emergency response under three main headings:

  1. UNICEF’s strategy and key programme interventions, programme choices and related operations, including attributable results.
  2. UNICEF’s engagement with other actors, with a primary focus on its role in sector coordination where relevant; and a secondary reflection on its collaborations with key stakeholders, including governments, other United Nations agencies, beneficiaries and implementing partners.
  3. UNICEF’s management structures and operational processes, including its L2 and L3-related procedures, in relation to its Syria crisis response and performance.