Grand Bargain Cash Work-stream Workshop Report - June 2018

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05 Jun 2018
Conference, training & meeting documents
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Development & humanitarian aid, System-wide performance

The Grand Bargain (GB) consists of 51 commitments that are grouped under ten work streams. Each of these work streams is led by two co-conveners, usually a donor and an implementer. The aim of the work streams is to maintain momentum for change in the humanitarian system following the Grand Bargain agreement, and to take forward collective action and closer coordination on commitments. The role of the cash work stream was agreed by Sherpas at the Bonn meeting in September 2016. Work on technical aspects of cash and voucher programming and delivery mechanisms is taking place in parallel in a number of pre-existing fora. The role of the cash work stream is to incentivise and influence progress further.