Into the Unknown: Listening to Syria's Displaced in the Search for Durable Solutions

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01 Jun 2020
Joint Agency NGO Report
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Conflict, violence & peace, Working in conflict setting, Engaging with affected populations, Forced displacement and migration, Refugee Camps, humanitarian action, Syria crisis

Over 12 million women, men and children have been forcibly displaced from their homes in Syria since 2011, fleeing conflict which has engulfed the country for the past nine years. Presented in a report signed by over 50 Syrian and international NGOs, research conducted to better understand the views and preferences of people displaced in and from Syria regarding their future found that very few see themselves as holding a viable prospect for a durable solution – safe return and sustainable reintegration, local integration or resettlement – to end their displacement in the coming years.

The interviews conducted with displaced Syrians demonstrate the impossibility for IDPs and refugees alike to make definite, informed decisions on return and reintegration, resettlement or local integration, when none of the options appear feasible to most and uncertainty overwhelmingly pervades their future.

This report seeks to draw on the views and voices of displaced people regarding the factors required to rebuild their lives and society in a safe, dignified and sustainable manner.

Joint Agency NGO Report