Multi-purpose cash assistance: 2019 post distribution monitoring report

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Date published
03 Feb 2020
Research, reports and studies
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Forced displacement and migration, Urban
Samuel Hall

This report presents the results of the 2019 annual Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM) exercise of UNHCR’s cash assistance programme in Jordan. Through an ATM banking network equipped with iris scan technology, the agency disburses over 5.5 million USD per month to close to 32,500 vulnerable refugee families living across the country. The majority of the beneficiary population is Syrian. Assistance is designed to allow beneficiaries to meet their basic needs and reduce their susceptibility to exploitation and other protection risks. The results of this monitoring exercise suggest that, as intended, almost all respondents use the cash to meet their running essential household needs. These mostly revolve around rent, food, utilities and health – categories which appear unchanged over time.