Rapid Market Assessment & Skills Gap Analysis: Arsal – “The Hidden Town”

Publication language
Date published
19 Apr 2018
Rapid Learning Review
Conflict, violence & peace, Host Communities, Livelihoods
Syria, Lebanon

In response to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon and in particular to the spill-over effects of the conflict to Arsal, DRC Lebanon is implementing livelihoods programmes targeting vulnerable Syrians and Lebanese in the affected area with a special focus on women and youth. DRC commissioned a rapid market assessment and skills gap analysis to identify suitable and viable income generating activities as well as demand for vocational and soft skills in support of the displacement and conflict-affected population in Arsal.

The key research question was: What are the most viable segments of the labour market in Arsal with the largest labour supply gaps and future opportunities for displaced and conflict-affected populations? In line with this, the specific objectives of the assessment were:

  • Assess the current labour market to identify high potential growth sectors and employment trends where quality, sustained and dignified employment can be created in support of the local economy.
  • Assess and identify existing and potential marketable opportunities for vocational skills in Arsal tailored to the local market conditions.
  • Determine constraints and barriers faced by vulnerable community members in the labour market.
  • Provide DRC with an analytical review of the most viable value chain (VC) that could help beneficiaries, with particular focus on women and youth, generate income and access to local markets.