Speak up via WhatsApp: Understanding the Life Worlds of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Lebanon

Ullrich, L.
Publication language
Date published
01 Apr 2018
Research, reports and studies
Comms, media & information, Innovation, Forced displacement and migration
Lebanon, Syria

The report presents the findings of a WhatsApp survey about the life worlds of Syrian refugees and host communities conducted in Qaraoun (West Bekaa) in November 2017. The survey is at the core of an Innovation Project ‘Speak your Mind to Prevent Conflict in Lebanon’, funded by the UNDP innovation facility.

The rationale of the WhatsApp survey was two-fold. First, to test the feasibility of using WhatsApp as an interactive survey tool which enhances local engagement of the crisis response in Lebanon. Second, to enrich our understanding of local conflict dynamics and the impact of assistance by collecting narrative data from both host community members and refugees. This section provides a short overview of the report’s key findings.