Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region: Jordan Partnership Paper

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Date published
25 Apr 2018
Conference, training & meeting documents
Partnerships, Conflict, violence & peace, Forced displacement and migration
Jordan, Syria
European Union, United Nations (UN), Government of Jordan

The partnership between the Government of Jordan (GoJ) and international community strengthened over the course of 2017 and delivered a set of benefits to both vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanian households. Building on the commitments agreed in London in February 2016 and detailed in the Jordan Compact (JC), this partnership reinforces the resilience of vulnerable communities, whilst addressing the humanitarian needs of Syrian refugees. In overseeing a paradigm shift in how to respond to protracted displacement crisis, the holistic approach of the response in Jordan is widely viewed as a model of global best practice.

The success of this partnership is dependent upon the international community acknowledging Jordan’s role in hosting Syrian refugees, and the GoJ and international community meeting the reciprocal commitments under the JC. This is a global public good necessitating fair burden sharing with support provided to Jordan being proportionate to Jordan’s carrying capacity and the impact of continuing regional conflict and instability, external shock and prevailing economic conditions. Moreover, the reciprocal commitments under JC will depend on the Government of Jordan and the international community delivering mutually and holistically on their commitments as set out in the JC. The international community acknowledges that the GoJ’s ability to implement its commitments is proportional to the support extended by Jordan’s development partners and other international partners.