The Darkest Decade

Norwegian Refugee Council
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Date published
08 Mar 2021
Plans, policy and strategy
Development & humanitarian aid, Forced displacement and migration, Internal Displacement, Refugee Camps, Humanitarian Principles, Protection, human rights & security, Syria crisis

There is little to indicate that the next ten years will be any different for the world’s worst displacement crisis. In this report, analysis by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) demonstrates that another ten years of conflict in Syria could see millions more displaced, fewer options to seek safety, and opportunities to rebuild their lives, either inside or outside Syria, completely thwarted. Military operations, mass displacement, economic decline, and skyrocketing poverty rates in the region continue to drive humanitarian needs inside Syria and will likely continue for years to come.

A nationwide ceasefire must be upheld and translate into steps towards a political settlement. Barriers preventing refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) from one-day returning home must be addressed by the Syrian authorities. Guarantees of safety, security, and access to livelihoods and basic services are the only way to ensure safe, voluntary, dignified and sustainable return home. The international community, particularly high income governments, must also do their fair share in supporting more sustainable solutions, including through maintaining aid funding and increasing resettlement opportunities for refugees.

Norwegian Refugee Council