The Moved and the Shaken

Raddatz, R
Publication language
Date published
01 Jan 2013
Heshima Kenya
Research, reports and studies
Children & youth, Gender, Forced displacement and migration, Urban, Shelter and housing, Poverty, Shelter, Refugee Camps
Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, South Sudan, Eritrea


This report was commissioned and funded by Heshima Kenya. It draws on numerous personal, semi-structured interviews and a literature review of the legal and policy ramifications of refugee displacement within Kenya. 

Research design and authorship was by Rosalind Raddatz; Anne Sweeney, Heshima Kenya’s Executive Director, and Jessica Brown, Heshima Kenya’s Grants and Advocacy Coordinator, provided oversight and review. 

Heshima Kenya is grateful to Alice Eshuchi for her organizational skills, research oversight, and frontline perspective in the preparation of this report. The author and Heshima Kenya thank Osop Abdi, Meselech Tezera, Manal Ali Said, and Mohammed Thail for their excellent research and interview assistance, as well as Jane Abudho for her legal insight and statistical research.

The research team would like to thank the many refugees and asylum-seekers who kindly allowed themselves to be interviewed for this project. Heshima Kenya is grateful for the contribution provided by American Jewish World Service and to Lorett Marketing Communications for design. Rosalind Raddatz acknowledges the Trudeau Foundation for its intellectual and financial support and credits Ken Dryden for the title.