We Don't Give Up: Continuous Learning for Syrian Children and Youth

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01 Jun 2020
No Lost Generation
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Children & youth, Development & humanitarian aid, Education, Humanitarian Access, Quality education (SDG), Syria crisis

This paper, prepared by NLG partners at regional and country level ahead of the fourth Brussels Conference that is taking place virtually end of June 2020, represents an update of the 2019 report “Investing in the Future, protection and learning for Syrian Children”. This annual report provides:

  • An update on the situation of education for Syrian children in Syria and the five host countries;
  • Recommendations moving forward;
  • A review of progress made during school year 2019/2020; 
  • A summary of the two Curriculum, Accreditation and Certification studies conducted in 2018/2019.

Please note that the data presented in this report concerns the initial data from school year 2019/2020. Currently, most schools inside Syria and the host countries are closed. While national governments were very quick to provide alternative solutions for continued learning through putting contents online and complementing with TV lessons or distribution of printed materials, it is generally recognized that many children and youth were not effectively reached, in particular the most vulnerable, including Syrian children.